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New book: Earthquakes of Kyrgyzstan

Our team has been working in the Tien Shan for many years now and we are very happy to present one of the key outcomes of our several projects. In the new book Earthquakes of Kyrgyzstan we provide an overview over strong earthquakes that occurred in Kyrgyzstan, both instrumental and from paleoseismological studies. The book is open access and can be downloaded here:

Cite the book as:

Abdrakhmatov, K., Berezina, A., Walker, R., Frolova, F., Gruetzner, C., Grebennikova, V., Pershina, E., Sokolova, N., & Moldobekova, S. 2023. Earthquakes of Kyrgyzstan. 170 p. National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, Institute of Seismology. ISBN 978-9967-12-952-8.

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